Sunday, October 27, 2013

Tips for Getting a Pretty Haircut

I got a new hair style since the last time i blogged. I haven't gitten back to bangs in ages, so this actually feels refreshing to have them back again. Makes me feel youthful again... Haha! I also got ombres but very subtle ombres. I told my hairstylist lady that I want it to look as natural as possible. Pretty happy with the result!

For those of you live in Phoenix, Arizona, you should really try Denise Tanigawa at Perfect Glamor Salon.
7045 E 3rd Ave
Scottsdale AZ
United States

Tips for Getting That Perfect Haircut that You Dream For:

• Do your research - ask around close friends and family if they have a fav hairstylist of their own and observe see if you like their haircut. 

• Look on for reviews before choosing a salon.

• Google - what hair style do you like? What's the length that you wanna go for? What color? Do you want bangs or no bangs?

• Look for the pictures of the celebrities or images that you like and either print them outnor save them on your computer/notepad to show your stylist. The more the better, so they can grasp an idea of what you're trying to go for, especially if it's your first time with them.

• Not to be racist or anything but honestly speaking, if you're Asian, try to find an Asian hairstylist and pictures of Asian celebrities or hairstyles that you you're going for. The same goes with others such as whites, black, Mexican, South African, etc. Simply because before you can do people's heads, you gotta practice on yourself and close ones to gain not only experience and the hair textures and head shapes of each ethinicity are designed differently, that only familarity becomes expertise!

On me: I'm wearing the 1-Day Acuvue Define in Vivid Style, false lashes and natural makeup!

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