Sunday, January 5, 2014

Wearing Eyelid Tapes Long Term

Ola guys,

I've been testing out a few eyelid tapes to see what works and what don't. Here's one that I've found that has been working great for me. It's called:

COSMOS Lovely Eyelid Tape (Large)

These are awesome! They come in a pack of 30 pairs for about $3 bucks. You can get them on Ebay or I got them on Sasa, but as of this moment they're out of stock. Keep an eye on them though, because this brand sells fast! Make sure it is the "Large" version, because sizes do matter :-) and I'll tell you why!

As you can see, eyelid tapes come in different sizes depending on your lid shape and what look you're going for. The larger size makes your eyes seem rounder. Whereas the smaller size gives you a more natural look.
Now, don't let the word "natural" fools you! If you're going for a temporary result, meaning that you want to use them for one day only, it's absolutely fine! Beacause after one night of sleep, your lids will go back to the usual shape. However, if you're aiming at reshaping your lids in order to give them creases, you'll be better off with the larger size. This is especially for people who have monolids, like I do!

So, why do I want to use eyelid tapes and can't just let it be natural?

Here's my serious confession:

I've been told by many people, including my family members, since I was 13 that I look sad/sleepy all the time. I even had one incident when in my past job, my manager actually told me that "you need to let the customers know what you're doing, because when you squint at the screen you look very mean!" Ouch! She wasn't mean when she said this, because it was an honest comment that's why it hurts my feeling even more!

My pictures below reflected my original lids, which don't seem like I have any creases...

Though, on some occassion, now and then my creases do show a bit but not much...

Either way, it doesn't matter...! I want my creases to show! I WANT to have creases, not in an effort of me trying to raise my eyebrows in order for them to show. Cause for a while I did that and that was fucking tiring, because for the longest time it made me feel anxious and that I had to keep remembering to raise my brows. No... Thats ridiculous and I will never do that again!!!

For those of you who've been in my shoes, aren't you just tired hearin the same thing over and over about you looking tired/sad/upset/shitty... etc...? The normal phrases would be similar to this:

"Are you ok?"
"Yes, why?" 
"Oh coz you look tired!" 


"Hey are you mad?"
"No... Why?"
"Oh coz you look upset!"

Ok... I know that people were just trying to be nice by asking me if I'm ok. But honestly, I'm just fucking tired of hearing the same questions and answering the same answers over the years from different people. So I want to MAKE a change!

Why don't I just get an eyelid surgery?
I'd like to... But I don't have that kind of money to travel back and forth from the States to Asia and spend 1-2 weeks in Korea (knowing that it is a #1 leading country in plastic surgery and if you're thinking about getting one, might as well just get it done in Korea to avoid any mistakes made by inexperienced surgeons). I don't want to do it in the US either! Too many Asian eyelids got messed up by plastic surgeons here. Doubled eyelids just ain't their specialty and I'm not willing to take that risk!

How do you know it helps with changing your expression?
I had tried temporary eyelid tapes before and yes... I look LESS tired/upset/sad/mean, etc! I received positive comments from people when i have creases while I wear them, so I do know what I'm doing!

You should be happy with your facial features and you should just let it be natural. Don't try to change who you are!
Nooo... Cosmetics in general, should be done in a way that it ENHANCES your look, not changing you into a different person! To be honest, if we were so happy with every natural feature on our face/body, we shouldn't even use makeup (i.e. Eyeliner, bb cream, etc.)

Enough for emotional talk. Let's talk positive now! So... Check this out!

I've been wearing the eyelid tape since August of this year on a daily basis. I'm so happy that I do see that my creases actually show more! I wore them everyday - day and night for about 2 months straight and here's the result:

Me wearing my eyelid tapes. They hardly show right?? Now you know why I can wear them even during day time - at work.

Now, I don't really wear them everyday anymore, not even at night. In the morning when I wake up, my lids would still have the creases. Yay!!

Bottom Line:
Please don't let any body stops you for doing things that boost your confident level and ultimately your happiness! If you  want to get a doubled-eyelid surgery and you can afford it, go for it! Do not let your friends and family talk you into not doing it. If they're your close friends and beloved family, they should understand how much a part of your facial feature is bothering you and should give you all the support that you need to end this low self-esteem factor!


  1. Thanks for sharing your experiences. They kind of remind me of Julie Chen ( did you hear about this story?

    glad your eyelids formed that crease for you permanently :)

    1. Thanks for sending me the link, Stephanie! I came across this story before and thought it was inspiring. Now that I re-read it again, it still is! I'm gonna get it done... Don't know when exactly but WILL :-)

    2. Julie is so brave, (and you too)