Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Black, Red, & Pearl

My previous post was all about Ao Dai, light makeup, super loose waves, and the softness as a whole. In this post, it is all about looking simple but sharp, thus elegant!

I chose a long black dress with cut out back. I originally got the dress at Winsor, but then I did some alterations on it, and of course, to add a little sexiness I did a side slit on the dress.

It is a night wedding event I went to. Since my look was light and dreamy in the morning, I decided to go bright at night. Never ever combine all the bright elements in your wardrobe together! If you really wanna go bright, choose from 1 to 2 elements of brightness as attention points and leave the rest in contrast colors. You want your highlights to stand out. This is key to simple but elegance!

Makeup:  Taupe and brown eyeshadow. Black cateye eyeliner. A little blush in coral topped with highlighter. My attention graber no. 1 would be bright red lipstick with a hint of orange in it.

Hair:  Lots of layers of curls and waves. I flipped my hair upside down and did an overall sea salt spray to keep my curls in shapes the whole night and to add volume. Then I pushed it to the side to show off my backless dress.

Outfit:  Black dress with cut-out back. Nude/gold heels. My attention grabbing element no. 2: pearl necklace and earrings. The way I wore my pearl neclace is a little different. I wore it at my neck line, leaving the rest hanging on my back because of my cutout back dress.

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