Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ways to Max Out your Moisturizer

  1. Use softener or balance water right after you wash your face to prep the skin, pores are being tightened at this stage.
  2. Apply your moisturizer to freshly washed damp skin within 3 minutes to seal in moisture that's already there.
  3. Massage the cream in for at least 15 seconds to boost blood circulation. Use a combination of massaging techniques and fingertip to gently press the lotion into your skin.
  4. While massaging, remember to relax your face muscle, as well as your mind. Think nothing else, except for the skin imagining it is "growing" younger and healthier.  Moisturizer is absorbed better, when you emit that "love" energy and at a relaxed state on mind.
  5. Close the lid tightly to prevent oxidation, which can decrease the potency of certain ingredients.

(Written by Tina from Beauty Toast)

(Source: Cosmo's sexiest beauty secret)

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