Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Trench Coat the Timeless Piece

Burberry runway 2011

A designer trench coat may cost tons of money, but will last many years down the road and perhaps a lifetime. It is a trend-proof item, a piece of clothe that will never go out of fashion. It is classic and yet can be trendy if worn in the right season. (Of course, you can't expect to look "nice" wearing a trench coat around, when it's 90 degree Celsius hot outside)

Investing in quality and tailoring for a trench coat is worth it when a few years down, it still looks great. Whether you walk dozens of city blocks to work or from your car through a parking lot, your coat makes an indelible first and last impression. It doesn't matter how well-dressed you are underneath, a bad-fitting coat will just kill the whole look.

When a greenhorn stylist dispatched from the store's fashion office struggled into the restaurant with bulging garment bags she found the actress waiting at the bar in a timeless Burberry trench. The actress directed the stylist to the ladies' room for an expedient fitting. The actress peeled off her coat, revealing that she was quite naked underneath. They quickly got through the fitting and the stylist hoofed the clothes back to the store. The actress put her trench back on and returned to her drink at the bar.
Seasonless Coats:
A nice trench coat is truly a timeless piece that finishes your staple looks and it is clean enough to mix with your trendiest pieces for both day and night. It could be a piece that acts as a sharp cover for what is underneath (if you know what I mean...) You need to run down the street of New York City getting a snack, some food for to-go. You need to be in and out of a place in just seconds. Slip yourself into a nice trench coat and all buttoned up. No one can ever tell... except for what is in gorgeous on the outside.

A clean simple styling, lightweight wool or cotton canvas, knee-length coat in glove leather or a soft suede is an investment piece that goes anywhere and will never date. Make sure to choose a good quality skin that can last for years and years. Bargain leather and suede can look stiff and the finish can be too plastic.

Winter Coats:
Let it be wool, cashmere, camel hair, or tweed the fabric should feell supple and substantial. Try these tips that Hollywood stylist Kendall Farr suggested in picking a good hand:
Take a handful of fabric and squeeze hard for a good twenty seconds. Inexpensive wool will look like a crumpled lunch bag (and so will your butt after sitting). My stealth squeezing may not endear me to the sales staff but I never look crumpled and neither do my clients.

(Written by Tina from Beauty Toast)

Source: The Pocket Stylist by Kendall Farr 

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